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Trees and Lanscape

If any Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. related activity requires the trimming, cutting or removal of vegetation, or removal of other landscaping or surface finishing, the activity and the re-instatement will be done at the owner's expense.

Near Overhead Infrastructure

A tree shall be placed so that at maturity it is no closer than 2.0m to a Hydro Hawkesbury distribution pole. When a tree is to be placed within 5.0m of either side of an overhead pole line, the selected tree species shall at maturity be shorter than the lowest of either six meters or the distance to the lowest overhead communications or current carrying conductor, subject to Canadian Standard Association CSA C22.3 and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Hiding Electricity Distribution Equipment

Landscaping, blocking access, or covering up electricity distribution infrastructure is not permitted. Distances should correspond to the requirements of The Canadian Standard Association CSA C22.3 and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Should the asset need to be operated, maintained or replaced, the homeowner will be responsible for added cost should Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. have to remove the obstruction or power restoration is delayed.

Moving in or out

Moving in or out

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New service layout

New service layout

Electricity Safety Survey

Complete our ONLINE SURVEY and enter in our draw for 1 grand prize of $600 credit to be applied on your electricity bill.  The $600 prize will be available to customers of the following Utilities who did participate in the survey. (Hydro Hawkesbury, Hydro 2000, Hydro Embrun, Hearst Power Distribution, Chapleau PUC,  Northern Ontario Wires). Survey end date is March 31, 2020 and the Draw date April 3, 2020

You must have an active account with Hydro Hawkesbury to be eligible for the draw.

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