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Power outage reporting & information

Unplanned power outages can occur at any time due to weather conditions, construction damages, traffic accidents or equipment failure. Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. will always try to ensure that unplanned outages are kept as short as possible. In the event of an unplanned power outage our experienced linemen’s, will be on the scene to help restore the affected power system.

Before calling Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.

Check to see if the neighbours are affected too. If you notice that your neighbourhood is affected, turn off all appliances and lights. Leave one light on so you can tell when power has been restored. Be prepared.

Could it be a fuse or circuit breaker?

If your house is the only one affected, the problem could be that a fuse has blown or a circuit has tripped.

If your house has a fuse box, keep extra fuses available (make sure they are the right size). Keep a flashlight nearby; never change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker in the dark.

Call us.

If your power is still off after you've checked these things, report the power outage by calling this number during and after business hours.

TEL: 613-632-6689

Report a streetlight out

Thank you for taking the time to report a streetlight outage. The safety of our customers and community is important. To report a streetlight outage, please contact the Town of Hawkesbury by telephone at 613-632-0106 extension 2020.