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About Hydro Hawkesbury

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. is a local distribution company (LDC) whose sole shareholder is the city of Hawkesbury. As a public regulated service, our local distribution costs (delivery charges) are approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. continues to innovate and to provide the best products and services to our customers and the community. Hydro Hawkesbury employees are committed to providing the best service in a manner that best suits our customers.

Corporate information

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. is legislated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and its sole shareholder is the Town of Hawkesbury. Incorporated since November 1, 2000, we became a commercial entity supported by our municipality.

We distribute electricity to nearly five thousand five hundred (5500) clients and employ five (5) individuals.

As your distribution company, we have two primary responsibilities. First, we are responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to our customers, and second, we bill for its services and for the services provided by other organizations in Ontario's electricity system.


Even if our company has become more complex, our employees maintain their efforts and are dedicated to meet the challenges. As new challenges arise, we meet them with a motivated and well trained staff whose efforts are focused on the client.


Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.'s mission is to provide fast and efficient customer service. Our superior quality service maximizes the efficiency of operations in the most cost-effective manner possible. This means a commitment to become a practical, simple and fast company which offers its customers the information and services they need. We are also committed to operate in a responsible manner to the environment.

Our history

On Monday, October 18, 1954, at a special meeting, the hydro-electric commission of the city of Hawkesbury was created. In November 2000 following deregulation, we were incorporated under the name of Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.

Call before you dig

Call before you dig

Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits

Time of use rates

Time of use rates

Conditions of services (English Only)

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. is updating its Conditions of Service, a document to communicate our operating practices, the types and level of service available to customers within our service area.

Please refer to our updated Conditions of Service document along with the Summary of Changes on our Website at

Share your comments and questions between August 1st and September 15, 2019

Please email with the Subject line: Conditions of Service.

With your comments, please provide your name, address, hydro account number and telephone number