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Regulated Price Plan

May 1, 2018   Regulated Price Plan (RPP) - Tiered Prices for unmetered services
Lower-tier Price: 7.7 ¢/kWh
Higher-tier Price: 8.9 ¢/kWh
Current Tier Threshold: 600 kWh per month

Prices for the Regulated Price Plan (RPP & T.O.U.)

Consumers who purchase electricity from their local utility are charged the following rates for electricity consumption. These rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board as part of the Regulated Price Plan. If you purchase electricity from an electricity retailer, the prices you pay will be different and will be stated in the contract you signed.

For Time of Use rates, please consult the Time of use rates section under business

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness



Microfit program

Microfit program

Conditions of services (English Only)

Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. is updating its Conditions of Service, a document to communicate our operating practices, the types and level of service available to customers within our service area.

Please refer to our updated Conditions of Service document along with the Summary of Changes on our Website at

Share your comments and questions between August 1st and September 15, 2019

Please email with the Subject line: Conditions of Service.

With your comments, please provide your name, address, hydro account number and telephone number